Roger Dubuis Hommage Monopoussoir H40 – 52Mondayz, week #31

Roger Dubuis Hommage Monopoussoir H40 – 52Mondayz, week #31

From standard Rolex to an exceptionally selective unique Roger Dubuis. Do you realize that feeling? In the wake of wearing a particular kind of watch for quite a while, you search for something absolutely at the opposite finish of the range? This week I’m wearing what I consider quite possibly the most wonderful watches in my collection.

Roger Dubuis Hommage Monopoussoir

The Roger Dubuis Hommage Monopoussoir H40 on the wrist

A abnormal model sign isn’t it? Watches referenced as ‘Hommage’ these days are near duplicate feline watches, for the most part of standard high popular watches. We as a whole know these models from brands like Steinhart, Invicta and the lot.

Made by Roger Dubuis himself

This Roger Dubuis anyway is a lot of the inverse. This watch was made by Roger Dubuis himself, before Roger Dubuis turned into a Richemont claimed brand name in 2008. Around the year 2000 Roger Dubuis created 28 of these watches. Just not many of them are known with this strong brilliant ‘guilloche a main’ salmon hued dial. Others known had highly contrasting egg-shell-like dials.

A see at the state of the Hommage Poussoirs bezel

The starting point of the monopoussoir movement

The development Roger Dubuis utilized depends on a Lemania 2320, which itself was a high-grade rendition of the 2310. A segment wheel plan with a screwed balance wavering at 18.000 A/h. Contrasts between the 2310 and 2320 types are a swanneck controller, 4 additional gems and a couple of different refinements. The first Lemania 2310, planned by Albert Piguet and Jaques Reymond was dispatched effectively in 1942. It became Omega’s type 321, the one we as a whole know so well from the early Speedmasters, and Patek Philippe type 2872.

A see at the weighty case back, type RD65 and restrictive collapsing buckle

Originally a 3-register manual twisting chronograph with 12-hour register, this development was patched up and utilized as 2-register development by Roger Dubuis just as by Patek Philippe (and others like Vacheron Contstantin and Breguet). Patek’s assignment of the development became CH 27-70, and it was utilized for example in their renowned model 5070.

Personal encounters

Back to the Roger Dubuis Hommage Monopoussoir H40. I gained this watch approximately 10 years prior. It was sold new in the USA by Steven Holzman who was Roger Dubuis specialist in the US around then. During one of my Baselworld visits, a couple of years after the fact, I ran into Steven and he was really very charmed to see the watch once more. It had been a remarkable piece for him as well.

The collapsing clasp bearing Roger Dubuis’ monogram, as can be seen at his seal ring

During the exact year, and most likely considerably more uncommon, I ran into Roger Dubuis himself at Baselworld. Furthermore, he was walking the reasonable with the craftsman who made the dial! This was such a fortuitous event. We made some great memories over an espresso with numerous accounts about the time Roger Dubuis delivered these watches, and advertising them helping out Carlos Dias. This positively made the watch considerably more extraordinary to me.

Why this watch is such a beauty

The dial of this watch is out and out staggering. The tone, the artfulness in completing, the differentiation, the association with the hands. Unbelievable. I trust the photos will do it to some degree equity. At that point the white gold of the packaging gives the watch a particularly rich inclination. It’s warm in shading and temperature; the hand winding feels so uniquely in contrast to a treated steel watch.

Swiss Made and GQHM – Geneva Quality Hall Mark

At six in the dial, between the words Swiss and Made, ‘GQHM’ is printed. Very few know the significance of this anyway it’s said to demonstrate ‘Geneva Quality Hall Mark’. The Roger Dubuis Hommage Monopoussoir H40 watch bears no not exactly the ‘Bulletin d’Observatoire’ for precision and the ‘Poinçon de Genève’ quality declaration. All administrative work having a place with these confirmations are provided with the watch, along with guarantee and number certificate endorsed by Roger Dubuis himself.

The marked chronograph poussoir in the focal point of the crown

The unique package

Last yet not least, a white gold case back is added independently. I can’t envision anybody at any point has utilized this extra; who doesn’t like the appearance of the entirely completed RD65 type? The watch is provided in an unmatched box with wood trim, and a calfskin identification like portfolio contains all the desk work. At the point when the watch was sold new its retail cost was around US$ 37.000,=.

For the current Roger Dubuis assortment, .

Swiss Made and GQHM – Geneva Quality Hall Mark The Roger Dubuis Homage Monopoussoir H40 on the wrist A view at the state of the Homage Poussoirs bezel

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