Rolex Explorer II 16570 – 52Mondayz, week #30

Rolex Explorer II 16570 – 52Mondayz, week #30

During the late spring time frame I wind up wearing watches with white or light dials more frequently than in different seasons. Some time back I purchased a 1998 Rolex Explorer II with a white tritium dial. It was in ‘adequately used’ condition, so I chose to have it adjusted at Rolex in Geneva first. Got it back in much better condition than I expected, and along these lines never removed it from the defensive plastic to wear it.

Rolex Explorer II Reference 16570

The 1998 Rolex Explorer-II with white tritium dial, reference 16570

Important For Cave Explorers

Some history. The principal Rolex Explorer II saw the light just in 1971 ( here’s our inside and out audit of one ). It was an upgrade to the normal Explorer which was in Rolex’ assortment as of now since 1953. Rather than the customary 12-hours the Rolex Explorer II highlighted a subsequent hour hand pivoting the dial in 24 hours. The 24-hour hand was unmistakably orange hued, significant for cavern explorers, for whom the watch had been pointed at.

The decent white dial with tritium record markers of the 16570

Minor Changes In Design

The Rolex Caliber 1570 development, and later type 1575, utilized in the reference 1655 Rolex Explorer IIs were equivalent to utilized in the Rolex GMT-Masters of that period. During numerous years this first Explorer II saw just minor changes in it’s plan, at for example the wristband and second hand.

It was uniquely in 1984 that Rolex redid the Explorer II to such an expand that the reference number changed to 16550. Changes incorporated a sapphire precious stone, the utilization of a type 3085 development – with a twofold scaffold – and a white dial notwithstanding the dark dial model. The state of the hands changed definitely too, particularly the 24 hour marker which transformed from a little red-orange bolt molded hand to a long and smooth planned red 24 hour hand with a white bolt at the end.

Another Model Change After (Already) 5 years

Then, in 1989, Rolex changed the Explorer II once more, and it turned into the reference 16570. It included a more up to date type development (type 3185) and had – beside the arm band – just one significant optical change from its archetype. The utilization of dark hour marker rings and hands on the white dial rendition. The model before had white gold hour markers and hands, much the same as the Submariner and GMT-Master for instance. It is said that underneath the dark paint, the hour markers and hands are as yet white gold.

Protective plastic present after the full assistance at Rolex in Geneva

Wearing It, Yes or No?

In 2011, Rolex presented the – to date – most recent form of the Explorer II (reference 216570). Anyway it’s the reference 16570 which I’m flaunting here at this week’s 52Mondayz. Also, this week may be the ideal time for my white dialed Rolex Explorer II for me to wear interestingly. What do you think?

More Information and Pricing

A Rolex Explorer II, with reference 16570 and a white tritium dial, can be acquired used for € 4.000,= and up these days. In great condition and as a complete set with box and papers. For data on the current Rolex Explorer II model kindly head over to .

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