Scatola del Tempo 2+2 Over Size Review

Scatola del Tempo 2+2 Over Size Review

Scatola del Tempo 2+2 Over Size Review

Your valued belongings merit a valued spot for capacity. There are various alternatives accessible. On the most essential level, you can go with the first box provided with the watch. Obviously on the off chance that you have more than one watch it may get somewhat uncomfortable showing every one of them on the bedside table, correct? In the event that you put it on a rack you need a ton of room, also a safe. Those are generally not the size of a cabinet. At that point there is the watch box. This comes in different sizes. You can have one from 2 as far as possible up to 20-30 and so forth watch spaces. Costs are similarly just about as flexible as the quantity of the previously mentioned spaces. Modest Chinese ones go for as low as €15-20 for a 6-opening box. This is generally bad quality modest pressed wood or even cardboard with bad quality leatherette material. “For putting away my watches, it is awesome” – I hear you say, and to be reasonable you are most likely right. However, let’s be honest, these watches are you babies. Would you put your infant in a cardboard bed to bed? Obviously not, you would need the best of the best, or if nothing else all that you can manage. This is the place where Scatola Del Tempo comes into the picture.

Scatola del Tempo

You most likely recall that in the relatively recent past we explored something from Scatola del Tempo. It was a solitary watch winder: not their entrance level item but rather one of their top merchants. This is by and large the case with the box. You may discover more modest (and less expensive) boxes, travel cases, coordinators in their line up just as more costly and greater watchcases. This one is brought 2+2 Over Size, however they likewise have a marginally more modest adaptation, additionally for 4 watches that passes by the name of 2+2. As you would know Scatola del Tempo (Box of Time) began creation in 1989 and they before long turned into the world’s driving watch box supplier. They have worked with various lofty watch marks and created watch boxes for companies like Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Breitling, Cartier, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, A. Lange & Sohne, Vacheron Constantin, Zenith and some more. I will not exhaust you with the subtleties as you can likewise find out about the set of experiences in our past article.

2+2 Over Size

The watch box I have before me is an enormous dark calfskin block with just a little glossy lock with “Scatola del Tempo” on it. In the event that you turn the box on the lower right corner of its back, it peruses “hand made in Italy” a mark expression every single Scatola del Tempo thing bears. Depend on it individuals, this is hopefully acceptable with regards to fine Italian craftsmanship. It resembles having a Louis Vuitton Keepall, an ageless exemplary plan made with the best materials accessible available. Cowhide and silk are arranged in such a concordance just the Puccinis of Scatola del Tempo could create. It’s essentially splendid and we haven’t opened the box yet. The estimations are 12cm tall, 16,5cm wide and 17,5 profound. The “Over Size” alludes to the size of the watches implying that this box was intended to store your typical 36-40mm watches as well as bigger watches like Panerai. This obviously doesn’t imply that customary estimated Omegas or Rolexes aren’t permitted to be put away in them, on the contrary.

Let’s flip the fasten and open the box. While a few cases have dainty strips that hold the upper side of the box, this can be collapsed down as far as possible. On the base side you have 2 enormous silk covered pads for the watches on arm bands – or ties. Behind them you can locate a little compartment with a cover. The is a limited yet profound pocket to hold additional lashes, spring bar apparatuses, pens or sleeve fasteners, or maybe a 5th watch should you need more space. The pads, much the same as the compartment, are canvassed in silk, giving a more lavish touch to the generally excellent box. They are not free at all and it really isn’t that simple to take them out. This implies that when you put your watch on them you wont need to stress over them sliding inside the box regardless of whether you take it some place or simply place in the safe. The spaces will hold the watches solidly and unequivocally. All through the compartments and tops on the two sides you will locate a similar cowhide you have on the inside.

Moving on to the upper side of the box we see that the entire side is covered with a top, which is affixed with a bolt. On the off chance that you flip the bolt and open up the cover another 2 watch compartments are uncovered. This is the place where you should store your watches with a cowhide tie – or wristband. They are additionally covered with a similar silk as we have seen on the opposite side of the box. The sides and bottoms on all compartments are cushioned just as the highest point of the cover where it contacts the precious stones of the other 2 watches. The sumptuous effortlessness is steady all through the box. On the off chance that you are searching for something remarkable or gimmicky, I’m apprehensive I have terrible news. There is not all that much (or gimmicky), yet it doesn’t need to be unique. It is flawlessly made, exquisite at this point not garish by any means. The cowhide is astounding, the silk is delicate and the entire development is tough. There is no squeaking or squeaking and everything opens and closes as it ought to. The cost of the box is €600. This is to be sure not modest, but rather Scatola del Tempo would not like to be modest. They basically need to be the makers of the best watch box available and this is by and large what they do – day in and day out.

Final words

Other than watch winders, watch boxes or a combination of the 2, the company is creating numerous different things. Watch boxes for brands, gems boxes, pen boxes and specially crafted safe boxes are a few models. They can deliver any sort of redid item. In the event that you are in need somebody to plan and assemble a protected/watch winder/watch box into your bespoke stroll in wardrobe, they’re the ones to do it. Our little 2 piece article arrangement on Scatola del Tempo is finished, yet who knows, we may get back to write about some seriously intriguing and tasteful watch adornment from their assortment. Meanwhile, remember that Christmas is a couple of months away. Peruse the article, similar to it on Facebook, share it and leave the page open on the macbook when you leave the space for the missus to see. She will assemble the rest, trust me 😉

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