Seiko 62MAS (6217-8001) versus the new Seiko SLA017

Seiko 62MAS (6217-8001) versus the new Seiko SLA017

Earlier this year, and we detailed a couple of times about it, Seiko presented the new SLA017 (SBDX019 for certain business sectors). At the point when I was in Japan about a month prior, doing seven days in length Grand Seiko manufactory tour with a portion of our perusers, I got the opportunity to deal with both the new Seiko SLA017 and the vintage Seiko 62MAS reference 6217-8001. The two watches have a place with the same individual, who is an energetic peruser of Fratello and an enthusiast of (Grand) Seiko watches.

Seiko 62MAS and SLA017

We did an inside and out inclusion on the Seiko 62MAS in 2015 as of now ( go here ), so I won’t rehash quite a bit of what has been composed there. To put it plainly, the 62MAS was presented in 1965 by Seiko and MAS represents ‘autoMAtic Selfdater’. This watch has a water obstruction of 150 meters, the principal Seiko that could deal with more than 50 meters/5ATM of pressing factor (by determinations). This 37mm treated steel was had the Seiko type 6217 development (the principal digits in the Seiko reference likewise demonstrate the development type), one that didn’t have a hack-include yet accompanied the date work. A quite slick watch, capable (jumping bezel) and up to this point, you could discover and get one rather without any problem. Costs are everywhere however, going from a decent 2000 Euro till right around 4000 Euro for one in awesome condition. The issue is discovering one, regardless of which of the two versions.

6217-8000 and 6217-8001

You have the mid 6217-8000 and the 6217-8001, made somewhere in the range of 1965 and 1968. The distinction between the 6217-8000 and later 6217-8001 is fundamentally in the etching looking into it back and the crown size. The 6217-8001 got a bigger crown and (in this way?) had a marginally longer cylinder and a little break for the situation. So the Seiko 62MAS I have in this article is the later 6217-8001 reference.

The 6217-8000 had a picture of a dolphin engraved working on this issue back, while the later 6217-8001 essentially states ‘SEIKO’. For this situation incidentally, later methods about 2 months. So the originally run of 62MAS watch was just a short one.

Seiko SLA017 – SBDX019

Then, prior in 2017, the news ‘leaked’ a few months before BaselWorld began that there would be a re-release of the Seiko 62MAS. We considered it the SBDX019 just for our neighborhood Seiko merchant to tell us that this wasn’t the right reference number. Afterward, it appeared to be that SBDX019 was right, yet is just utilized for the Japan Domestic Model (JDM). In different nations, the re-release of the Seiko 62MAS is known as the reference SLA017.

When I originally saw it in Basel, I was very stricken by it. The looks were very much like the first Seiko 62MAS, and it utilized around date innovation (Seiko Caliber 8L35B development for instance) and had an expanded size of 39.9mm rather than the first 37mm. Where the first Seiko type 6217 is a fairly straightforward and particularly ‘unfinished’ looking development, the new 8L35B is a minor departure from the Grand Seiko 9S55. Maybe you review my survey of the Marinemaster 300 (SBDX001, presently prevailing by the SBDX017 ), which had the Seiko type 8L35 development. The 8L35B has a few developments, similar to MEMS innovation which has to do with the escapement and it has a more pleasant stylish completion. Stripes that are like the Côtes de Genève (however alluded to as ‘Tokyo stripes’), yet can’t be appreciated at any rate by the absence of a straightforward case back. Some way or another, Seiko doesn’t notice the 8L35B in their particulars, simply 8L35.

Anyway, the Seiko 62MAS re-release, the SLA017/SBDX019 had two minor issues as I would like to think. There were only 2000 pieces accessible around the world, and similarly as with all restricted Seiko watches, hard to get and it had a weighty sticker price of 3800 Euro. At the hour of presentation, 3800 Euro would fundamentally mean you could purchase two of the first Seiko 62MAS models. Not any longer however, except if you’re truly fortunate. Be that as it may, at that point, only a couple months prior, this was as yet conceivable. The 3800 Euro was somewhat of a blocker for me, as the spec-wise comparable (or maybe actually considerably more improved) Marinemaster 300 SBDX017 had a rundown cost of around 2300 Euro. Everything considered, I ought to have purchased a Seiko 62MAS at that point (or previously) or requested the new SLA017. The first has become more costly and the last has become inaccessible. Think for a really long time and you’re out, I ought to have known better in the wake of passing up the 2014 restricted version Speedmaster Apollo XI in titanium and Sedna gold.

Not Identical

As you can find in the photos in this article and perusing the content, these watches show very a few contrasts. The measurement of the Seiko SLA017 is unique in relation to the Seiko 62MAS as of now, so it does closely resemble an advanced (and consequently extraordinary) watch to begin with. For a re-release, I don’t care much about the way that they utilized an advanced development, an alternate crown component, or maybe not even that amount about the precious stone (sapphire versus acrylic). Seiko likewise got the shade of the SLA017 dial directly as I would like to think, it has a comparable decent tone as the 62MAS. The subtleties on the dial are likewise comparing, albeit the profundity rate is distinctive of these two models. The size of the watch plainly demonstrates that we are managing an advanced watch here.

As you can see on the image over, the state of the case has been regarded. The SLA1017 is somewhat thicker than the Seiko 62MAS, which most likely has to do with the development and its water opposition. Yet, the lines of the case and carries are all around regarded, so are the bezel and crown for example.

Seiko 62MAS versus SLA017 – Which One?

If you can discover any of these two, and you will on the off chance that you are paying premium for the SLA017 (there are a couple on eBay for $5,000USD and the sky is the limit from there) or have sufficient tolerance to stand by until you come across a pleasant Seiko 62MAS, which is the one to have? This is obviously close to home and relies absolutely upon the sort of fellow (or young lady) you are. I would will in general go for the vintage model, as I did with the Seiko (Grandfather) Tuna 6159-7010 . I was on the chase for a decent present day Tuna SBDX011 at that point, yet I chose to go vintage all things considered and never thought back. One reason was that I realized it was not going to be an every day watch, or even a watch I would wear regularly, at any rate. So no dread for harm or genuine mileage. On account of the Seiko 62MAS or SLA017, the size can likewise assume a part where-as this was not for the Tuna (comparatively over-sized).

Finding an overall quite great condition Seiko 62MAS will be intense, yet can likewise be important for the good times. Ensure you that in the event that you discovered one, it has been adjusted or that you have a watchmaker that can support these watches. It wouldn’t be the first occasion when that our own watchmaker Paul opens a Seiko that has not been adjusted for quite a long time, showing a ton of destroyed parts (and for which extra parts are very hard to source). That’s something that won’t occur to you with a new and well-over-retail-paid-for Seiko SLA017.


*The Seiko SLA017/SBDX019 is important for the Prospex (‘Professional Specification’) assortment, appropriate for proficient use (diving).

A enormous thank you to Patrick to loan me these two watches.

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