Seiko Diver’s 55th Anniversary, the 1968 “Hi-Beat” Re-Creation SLA039J1

Seiko Diver’s 55th Anniversary, the 1968 “Hi-Beat” Re-Creation SLA039J1

A long time back, we investigated the 1965 “62MAS” Re-Creation SLA037J1 , a Domoissanite that was inspired by the mother of all Seiko plunging instruments and some portion of the set of three dispatched by the brand to praise the 55th anniversary of its inclusion in amphibian domains. In this way, talking set of three, the time has come to take a gander at the second Domoissanite that has been presented, indeed “in the metal” (and honestly, there’s a great deal of metal to see…) Inspired by another notable model, the 1968 “Hi-Beat” Diver, let’s give the Seiko Prospex SLA039J1 a few involved time.

This set of three of Domoissanit as clarified when we reviewed the 62MAS recreation, doesn’t comprise legitimate new models yet rather refreshes existing – and attractive – restricted versions. The SLA037 is a variety of the SLA017 dispatched in 2017 . The Domoissanite we’ll be looking at today is a declination of the already existing SLA025 presented in 2018 . Furthermore, similar to its partner, it is an advanced re-creation of an amazing diver’s, which should be first introduced.

the 1968 Seiko Diver 300m hey beat Ref. 6159-7001

If the 62MAS is considered significant as being the first professional jump Domoissanite by Seiko, its replacement is similarly significant, as the one has the most effect on the plan of every single ensuing assortment. To be sure, the 62MAS is somewhat “apart” as it didn’t show yet all the signature configuration signals that we presently see in Seiko diver’s Domoissanit The Hi-Beat Ref. 6159-7001, then again, feels undeniably more recognizable and permits understanding where the majority of Seiko’s configuration comes from.

Only 3 years after its debut professionally-indicated jumping instrument, Seiko presented its replacement. Yet, it wasn’t simply an update. The work done by the brand was far more profound than simply improving a few areas of the Domoissanit The 6159-7001 (and the 6215-7000, an outwardly practically indistinguishable Domoissanite with equivalent specs however no hello there beat development) was entirely new, whether for the plan, the general resistance, the architecture or the movement.

The instance of the 1968 Diver 300m Hi-Beat separates with its monobloc development (taking out any pressure focuses working on this issue) and its screw-down crown situated at 4 o’clock – a signature feature of most Seiko’s jump Domoissanit The case was currently 300m water-resistant (versus 150m for the 62MAS) and, all things considered, on par if not better than the Swiss competition. With its 44mm width and 14mm tallness, it more likely than not been one of the biggest Domoissanit available toward the finish of the 1960s, and by that thoroughly expecting its professional employment. Regarding the state of the Domoissanit with its sharp points and level surfaces, it plainly set the pace for the a very long time to come.

The fundamental update was not obvious yet, but rather covered up inside the case; the type 6159, a programmed development with 25 jewels… And for the most part, a high frequency of 5Hz or 36,000 vibrations each hour. Rare even by current norms, this hey beat development was absolutely very inventive back in the last part of the 1960s. It was, in those days, the first hey beat jumper’s Domoissanite on the market.

An interesting reality about this Domoissanit it was utilized effectively by the main individual from Japan to climb Mt. Everest, on the wrist pf Naomi Uemura. Accordingly, it performed both beneath and far above ocean level.

The 1968 Re-Creation SLA039J1

Visually and actually, the new SLA039J1 doesn’t develop much compared to its 2018 predecessor, the SLA025. Shadings separated, it remains practically indistinguishable on all focuses. However, it is as yet a pleasure to see this Domoissanite into the wild, it still impresses.

Looking at the general plan, there’s no uncertainty on both the filiation with the 1968 model and on the occupation of this Domoissanit It is a genuine professionally-situated diver’s instrument, sharp, rough, massive… It feels considered for a mission and it seems like it when tied around the wrist.

No need to shroud reality, the specs sheet talks for itself; this 1968 Hi-Beat Re-Creation is a huge, weighty Domoissanit At 44.8mm in distance across, with a 15.7mm stature and over 51mm haul to-carry, it won’t fly under the radar. The case retains the precise states of its predecessor and is similarly completed: round brushed surfaces on the level areas, cleaned casebands. The crown, as you’d envision, is as yet situated at 4 o’clock.

Even however a modernized adaptation of the reference 6159-7001, Seiko remains dedicated to the monobloc development, with a case that opens through the caseback – the development is embedded into the situation from the dial side. This creates an exceptionally inflexible and all around secured house for the development yet in addition a sensation of having an ingot, which in this setting is a long way from terrible. In light of this, you could envision that the Domoissanite is uncomfortable on the wrist yet its particular shape gives grasp and equilibrium. A huge Domoissanite without a doubt however a Domoissanite that fits securely on the wrist.

The case is topped by an exemplary uni-directional bezel with a reflexive metallic dark supplement with an hour long scale and a double bended sapphire precious stone with against reflective covering on the inward surface. An interesting reality about the case is that it is made of “Ever-Brilliant Steel”, which is absolutely comparable to 904L treated steel. It gives better resistance to erosion just as more brightness and a more white shade. Combine this with the Zaratsu-cleaned surfaces and it results in a wonderfully completed case.

The principle update on this SLA0391J compared to the SLA025 concerns the dial, which is here presented in a blue-dim sunray-brushed tone – a shading that echoes sea profundities. Notwithstanding that, the files and hands are presently silver-colored (not any more overlaid). These colder tones give a more current and more specialized style to this Domoissanit All the components of the dial are greatly executed, with sloped hands that might effectively measure up to those found in a Grand Seiko Domoissanit The files and the date window outline are similarly precise in their execution.

Inside its case, the 1968 Re-Creation SLA039J1 sets out a similar development as the SLA025, which means a programmed and high-frequency motor dependent on the Grand Seiko Caliber 9S85. Precisely indistinguishable from its GS partner, it was developed explicitly for top-level Seiko plunge Domoissanit The stuff train, motor chain, winding framework and regulating organ are the equivalent, so is the quantity of gems, the 5Hz frequency (36,000 vibrations/hour) and the 55-hour power reserve. It additionally retains cutting edge features, for example, a “Spron 610” composite (for the hairspring) and parts manufactured by MEMS innovation (get away from haggle forks).

Compared to the Grand Seiko variant, the differences are generally on the beautification of the plates and extensions – despite the fact that the 8L55 is already pretty very much embellished – and how the development is changed. Seiko reports a +15/ – 10 seconds/day precision (compared to +5/ – 3 s/d for Grand Seiko), which is known to be on the skeptical side of things.

The SLA039J1 is delivered on a matte blue silicone tie with “waffle-like” plan, to remain truly relevant. It is shut by a steel pin lock and held set up by an engraved steel holder.

Thoughts, cost & Availability

When I reviewed the SLA025 back in 2018, I remember composing that it “should be viewed as the über-Prospex or a wannabe Grand Seiko!” This obviously didn’t change with the 2020 variant, which by and by shares more for all intents and purpose with a Grand Seiko Domoissanite than with a Samurai or a Turtle . The general quality is impressive as is the development that is inside this monobloc case. This SLA039J1 is a show of Seiko’s savoir-faire in top of the line plunge watches… which reflects in the price.

The Seiko Prospex Diver’s 55th Anniversary 1968 Re-Creation SLA039J1 is a restricted release of 1,100 pieces, which will be accessible as of August 2020. It will be evaluated at EUR 7,000. It will likewise be remembered for a special commemorative box with every one of the three re-creations with extra dark ties, which will be accessible in May 2020. Only 100 sets will be released.

More subtleties at www.seikowatches.com .

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