SevenFriday S3/02 Carbon Edition (Live Photos)

SevenFriday S3/02 Carbon Edition (Live Photos)

We’ve covered SevenFriday a couple of times in the new past and they sent us their most recent watch which is authoritatively dispatched today. Time to view the new SevenFriday S3/02 Carbon Edition which was made in a joint effort with an inventive partner.

Different Approach

For the individuals who know SevenFriday, this new form is not difficult to perceive. Witits’s average case plan SevenFriday originally saw sunlight in 2013 and it was a moment hit. Albeit the responses were blended they are as yet going solid which responds to the inquiry, in the event that it was short-term popularity or not, in our first SevenFriday article by Balasz around 4 years ago.

SevenFriday is not the same as many watch brands by their way to deal with watch plan and their look on things. They like to make things fun again without paying attention to life as well. Which helps me to remember the gathering with them a year ago during Baselworld. Appearing with a Pinzgauer for a through Basel. During the excursion, we had the opportunity to see the watches and in a few areas, we got out for some shoots.

Seven Friday S3/02 Carbon Edition

So they are still around doing what they specialize in, making fun watches at a reasonable value point. Obviously, this is abstract dependent on your spending plan and interests. In any case, there is something for everybody and given the reality they are as yet going solid says everything. A great many people have a beautiful direct response to wether they love or disdain the design.

And the base plan hasn’t changed much consequently it’s all in the subtleties. This Model S3 watch looks like the P models yet has a more open-worked dial which shows a greater amount of the development. On this form, it comes with a few blue subtleties which can be discovered everywhere on the watch right to the clasp.

Black and blue are the tones utilized which cause an incredible combo all in all I to need to say. Where the watch comes with a tempered steel case with a dark covering it comes with a fashioned carbon fiber face and bezel. For this lightweight extra, they joined ARES DESIGN who have practical experience in bespoke car design.

Bespoke Design

ARES DESIGN practices in delivering bespoke auto insides and exteriors. Transforming exemplary vehicles into hello there tech and dependable vehicles that actually resemble the first without the likely issues in every day use. Also, restoring notable cars. Everything with the most noteworthy consideration for detail and for the best impression you should check for their great portfolio.

One thing that SevenFriday does is come up with innovative subtleties in their plans. You won’t discover standard ties or clasps on their watches. This SevenFriday S3/02 Carbon Edition comes with an adaptable blue silicone lash. Both front and posterior come with eye-getting subtleties. Where the front is smooth separated from an edge which holds dark sewing you will discover the brand name on the rear of the lash. Those little additional items like the up/down content in the plan shows the fun factor.

Behind the globe, on the caseback, there is an inserted NFC transport which permits validness check through a SevenFriday application and at approved retailers. It additionally shows where the watch is planned, made and where the development comes from. This will presumably help decide wether this watch is for you or not.


Just to summarize a portion of the subtleties of the SevenFriday S3/02 Carbon Edition. It’s case estimates 47,6 x 47 mm where the biggest size is the width including the crown. Made in tempered steel with a dark covering and “carbon liveliness ring” as they call it. So don’t anticipate a ultra light watch. Inside beats a Miyota 82S5 development which comes with a 40 hour power save. Waterproof up to 30 meters or 3ATM it’s sprinkle confirmation or potentially downpour safe only.

Limited to 777 watches which retail for 1628 USD/CHF. For more data head over to the authority SevenFriday site .

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