SevenFriday V3/01 – The Driver’s Edition

Not too some time in the past we showed you the SevenFriday V1/01 and V2/01 , two new cool watches from this effective Zürich company. Today they present the V3/01, a model name that is somewhat preferable picked as I would see it over V1 and V2 – for clear reasons (yet maybe I am very critical here). The V3/01 is essentially equivalent to the V1/01 and V2/01, yet with an alternate dial and maybe the genuine replacement of the exceptionally well known (and sold out) P3/01.

The cost for the V3/01 is marginally higher than the other new V-arrangement, with CHF1135 Swiss Francs. Be that as it may, you do get a brilliant looking carbon-look dial or as SevenFriday puts it: a waxed carbon look pattern.

Just like the V1/01 and V2/01, this new piece will have a will have a NFC chip ready. This better approach for validating a watch is [perhaps] a cunning way to to tell fakes from credible ones.

The V3/01 has obviously likewise the “Additioner” system, another and diverse approach to read a clock. When you get its hang, it isn’t excessively troublesome. We clarified in detail how this functions in our past article on the V-series.

Inside the V3/01, SevenFriday introduced the Miyota 82S7 development, with 40 hours of force reserve.

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