Speedy Tuesday – An Omega Museum GTG In Bienne

Speedy Tuesday – An Omega Museum GTG In Bienne

When it comes to watches, I was sure about the quality and variety of the pieces my gatherer visitors would bring. Presently I can reveal to you that I had absolutely under-assessed them! Other than there being almost 100 (!) diverse current and, generally, vintage Speedmasters, we additionally saw a great deal of Seamasters, Flightmasters, Railmasters, Rancheros… Timepieces, all things considered, and a general quality out of this world.

It was stunning to see that measure of watches coming back to OMEGA for one day and engaging long stretches of energetic discussions. Discussions blended by Petros Protopapas and his interminable information about the historical backdrop of OMEGA.

In the name of the entire gathering of authorities who were there last Saturday, I might want to say thanks to OMEGA, Maria from Marketing, the Museum team : Petros and David for their time and their eagerness to share their insight just as Giovanna for her compassion and thoughtfulness regarding subtleties during the entire day ! This gathering of individuals exceptionally added to make our social affair an astonishing and remarkable experience.

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