Swatch Skin Irony Launch Party (In Antwerp) Report

Swatch Skin Irony Launch Party (In Antwerp) Report

Most of our group experienced childhood during the 1980s (sorry Gerard), and that implies a Swatch was on our wrist. It was just later that we discovered that it was by and large this brand that saved practically the entirety of the Swiss watch industry. So we have tremendous regard for Swatch, yet not just for being the saint of the business, additionally on the grounds that they presented to us some cool watches when we were kids. They actually do, as we could observer last week.

It’s few out of every odd day that we get welcomed for a dispatch party in driving distance, so when we found out about the new Swatch Skin Irony dispatch in Belgium we joyfully got in the vehicle to drive down to Antwerp.

Swatch Skin Irony

Upon appearance, the subject was well noticeable all through the area. Being welcomed by staff that had their countenances improved similarly as on the adverts. As they use #futureclassic as one of the central issues, their promoting effort utilizes a face with what resembles a large portion of a metal sculpture. Pleasantly done and very catchy!

In the focal point of the room we locate the new Swatch Skin Irony assortment in plain view. Altogether there are 8 models being dispatched. Furthermore, when taking a gander at these new models they are unmistakably focused on people (independently and for certain unisex models). Our early introduction is acceptable, obviously, we as of now feel weak at the knees over Swatch. I really lashed my Sistem 51 to my wrist for the occasion.

Introducing 8 new models

The new Skin Irony comes in 4 arrangements of 2 comparable models. Moderate is key in this assortment. You’ll notice the humble size of the 38 mm case which is just 5,8mm thick. On account of this it wears comfortably on the wrist and you will barely even notification wearing one at all. The metal case comes with a brushed or cleaned finish. Contingent upon the model the watch has a silicone or calfskin lash or a comfortable metal bracelet. 

Pictured above are the Skinblueiron (left) and Skinspring (right) both come with a smooth silicone tie. Underneath the Skindoree which is likewise accessible in dark as the Skinalliage. This model comes with an engineered calfskin tie and cleaned case.

 Skinnoiriron with a cleaned case and white dial close to it’s more obscure accomplice the Skinbrushed.

Two full metal models with a comfortable metal arm band. Either in steel or steel with a gold hued covering. On the left the Skinpole and Skinlingot which is the most costly model at 175 euro.

Swatch Skinblueiron

The Swatch Skin Irony assortment is now accessible and valued somewhere in the range of 135 and 175 euro relying upon the model.

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