#TBT Extra: Seiko 6159 Tuna original owner

It’s October and that implies it’s #Seikoctober for those of you who cooperate on Instagram.  As I compose this, Robert-Jan likewise turns out to be in Japan looking at everything Seiko.  So, what better than to speak somewhat around one of the brand’s most acclaimed pieces: the Seiko 6159 Tuna.

Welcome to what we’ll call a “#TBT extra” on Fratello Watches. Sometimes, a peruser composes into us with an intriguing story or question on a vintage watch. Now and then, it even outcomes in me harming my record! The present brief record, however, is truly about a peruser who posed a few inquiries on where to support a Seiko symbol, the 6159-7019 unique ” Grandfather Tuna”. We had an any longer survey on this watch recently, however felt you’d like to see pictures and hear the tale of a unique proprietor piece.

If you’ll permit me to wax a piece, we talk about vintage observes today for the most part from the viewpoint of what they look like – all things considered, today. Without a doubt, we talk about how the watch came into creation, any specialized advancements and why it was made. What we frequently miss, in light of the fact that the data seldom exists, are the firsthand insights that existed about a brand or model during its genuine creation date. In the event that I had a time machine, beside purchasing everything (and obviously changing the time-space continuum), I’d love to perceive how certain brands were promoted, how they compared to other people, and so forth, and so on While it’s feasible a gross exaggeration, a portion of the watches we really grovel over may have been viewed as what could be compared to the present Michael Kors pieces! Thus, indeed, I get amped up for conversing with individuals about the past and why they picked certain watches. Proceeding onward…

Paul Sullivan of California kept in touch with us with an inquiry on where to support his “ur-Tuna” and we struck up a to and fro talk that at last prompted the concise comments on his purchasing and utilizing experience and a couple of pictures. The 1976 Seiko 6159 Tuna that he claims has its unique tie (per ordinary, that darn guardian surrendered the apparition quite a while past, however), which he really focuses on by strictly adding elastic additive. As should be obvious, it’s in shocking shape…just take a gander at those hands and that dial!!  And about that shroud!

FW: Why did you purchase the Seiko 6159 Tuna?

PS: I purchased this watch as a swap for my first, modest, jump watch that quit on me the day preceding leaving for a plunge outing to Hawaii.

Seiko 6159 Tuna case back

FW: Was it costly? I’ve perused that it unquestionably wasn’t cheap.

It cost $500 in 1976, a great deal, yet I was doing a ton of plunging and helping my previous teacher and companion in encouraging his certificate classes. Thus, I figured I would get something to last yet not as costly as a Rolex.

Seiko 6159 Tuna cover and crown in wonderful condition

FW: Where did you get your Seiko 6159 Tuna? Did they need to “sell” you on the watch or did you think about it beforehand?

Went shopping and saw it in the window in a watch shop in the Fox Hills Mall in Culver City, CA. Nobody sold me, I could advise it was acceptable and Seiko was an exceptionally enormous brand at the time.

Seiko 6159 Tuna on the wrist

FW: What sort of utilization did your Seiko 6159 Tuna see and how did it perform?

It was uniquely for sporting plunging, however not all simple bounce in and go. I did numerous demanding plunges from rocks and magma streams in changing tide and surf conditions and as profound as 165 feet, max on compressed air. This watch with its size was not difficult to peruse on the whole conditions and the ergonomic bezel brisk to set. They (Seiko) considered everything to make it face the afflictions of hefty use, authenticated by the presentation today, after 40 years, despite the fact that it invests a great deal of energy in my work area cabinet. I’ll presumably never part with it… recollections, you know.

Thanks such a great amount to Paul for writing in and imparting a little watch history to us! On the off chance that you have an extraordinary watch story you’d prefer to impart to us, we’d love to hear it… simply drop us an email!

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