#TBT Something Cool For Under 300 Euro – A King Seiko 5625-7000!

#TBT Something Cool For Under 300 Euro – A King Seiko 5625-7000!

King Seiko versus Grand Seiko

You can’t envision this today, yet, thinking back to the 1960’s, Seiko made two of its manufactories compete with each other. These two plants were Suwa Seikosha and Daini Seikosha. The goal was basic, to plan excellent watches and make the most exact developments. Suwa Seikosha presented the absolute first Grand Seiko in 1960. Very little later, in 1961, Daini Seikosha accompanied the primary King Seiko. The competition went on until the 1970’s. This set of experiences is reported wherever on the web, yet official documentation isn’t actually accessible regarding the matter (or just in Japanese language).

Grand Seiko is truly known. Following a shortfall of 24 years, not including the quartz Grand Seiko presentation in 1988, Grand Seiko is back in 1998. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about King Seiko? It passed on during the 1970s and a couple of authorities and aficionados appear to know about this – once – incredible collection.

Vintage Grand Seiko

When I was searching for some vintage Grand Seiko watches, I saw that the occasions you could get these for modest are a distant memory. You can in any case discover them for a fascinating measure of cash, on eBay and on gatherings. In any case, regularly there is some kind of problem with it, either not adjusted or not unique. Not overhauled is an issue with a great deal of watches. Destroyed parts should be supplanted and afterward it comes to accessibility of these parts.

Anyway, it was really Michael Stockton who made me mindful of this elective assortment of Seiko watches. He showed me the King Seiko watch he has during one of our first gatherings. He did an inside and out review of that King Seiko 45-7001 in this article .

My Watchmaker

Fast forward a couple of months. I get together with my watchmaker – or our watchmaker, as most Fratello Watches colleagues utilizes his administrations – and he shows me a watch roll loaded with Seikos. Ruler Seikos and Grand Seikos. The Grand Seikos are quartz watches and the King Seikos are generally mechanical. Things turned out badly when he advised me to take the watch move with me, to have a nearer look.

King Seiko 5625-7000

Although the King Seiko 45-7000 was my evenhanded, I wasn’t ready to locate a decent one. So I agreed to a King Seiko 5625-7000, which has a similar case, or close, yet with a date development. For an astounding €250 Euro, this watch was conveyed from a merchant from Spain to my mat in only a couple days. The lash on it says Genuine cowhide, however I can’t envision this is the situation. So should be replaced.

The watch itself keeps amazing time, something I didn’t hope truth be told. My involvement in more seasoned Seikos is that they once in a while went in for administration. My watchmaker affirmed that most old Seikos he got have destroyed parts and look horrible. In the same way as other of the 30-40 year old Rolexes he gets. Individuals just don’t feel that a help likewise has a preventive capacity. Just when a watch stops or when it begins to complete 10 seconds in 5 seconds, they go to their watchmaker. At any rate, my King Seiko 5625-7000 keeps great time. Yet, I will have it cleaned and adjusted anyway.


The sun burst dial of the watch looks great. It has fat markers and those run of the mill King Seiko & Grand Seiko dauphine hands. The precious stone is mineral cyrstal, and could require a substitution. Beneath you see the KS logo and a notice of the Hi-Beat development. For this situation, Hi-Beat implies 28,800 vph, not 36,000 vph. The hand-wound King Seiko Hi-Beat models had a 36,000 vph development. There are some King Seiko watches that are additionally chronometer confirmed. In any case, because of certain limitations this couldn’t be referenced on the dial (any longer). Nonetheless, you will see some King Seiko developments have a 6-digit number engraved in the development. These are chronometer rated.


As you can see, the dial of my King Seiko 5625-7000 has a touch of smirch on it around the rehaut. Particularly between the 1 o’clock marker and 3 o’clock, this is something that needs a careful clean. Nothing that can’t be done.

Case and Crown

The case has this normal (King) Seiko shape and can likewise be found in some Grand Seikos. As far as I might be concerned, this is the thing that this watch makes so uncommon. It makes it stand apart from the horde of Omega Constellations and Longines Conquest watches of that time for instance. It has a wide case body and long hauls. The watch just measures approx 36mm in breadth, yet wears somewhat greater. Particularly because of the carries, a piece ‘longer’ on the wrist. The crown is marked KS. In position 1, you can propel the (brisk set) date. In position 2, you set the time.

The caseback shows all the vital data. It additionally has this KS symbol in gold in the middle, an emblem. Here, you discover the reference number of the watch and the chronic number. The chronic number can be utilized to discover the creation year and month of the watch. Mine beginnings with 95xxxxx which implies 1969 and May.


Inside is Seiko type 5625A, a development with fine-guideline and a self-winding component. I’ve found a picture of the development on , so credits to Axel for snapping the photo. As you can see underneath, a straightforward development that does the work (right).

These developments were created and built to be pretty much as exact as could be expected, which was something major in those days for Seiko. As it actually is currently (think Grand Seiko 9S and 9F and the Astron). From what I saw, just the primary King Seiko watches were chronometer appraised, before the Swiss chose the Japanese couldn’t play. Since a ton of documentation isn’t in English, it is somewhat hard to be extremely certain on this however. Our watchmaker and companion of the show, let’s call him Paul, sent several pictures of the type 4500A/4502A developments in the King Seiko 45-7000 watches. Presently take a gander at the development on the right.

You notice the 6-digit number on the principle plate, underneath the type number and ‘JAPAN’. That’s the chronometer number. This implies that in any event, when it’s not imprinted on the dial (‘chronometer’ was simply utilized momentarily on the absolute first King Seiko models), a few watches are really affirmed yet you’ll possibly discover when opening the watch.

Wearing the King Seiko 5625-7000

As I’ve frequently composed here, a watch doesn’t need to have a x-thousand sticker price to be entertaining. A week ago we showed you 13 new watches under 1000 Euro , however don’t disregard the vintage prospects. I discovered this watch for under 300 Euro and regardless of the way that it needs a decent spotless and a fair lash, it is a ton of watch for that money.

Admitted, it is a little watch for my genuinely enormous wrists, yet as the delightful King Seiko hauls are long, it tackles job. Particularly when wearing sleeves. Quality-wise, I figure these watches can measure up to the prior referenced Omega Constellations and Longines Flagship models of a similar period. Exactness was something major back then, so these companies were aspiring when creating movements.

So go out and chase on eBay and a portion of the Seiko discussions for a King Seiko. There are a lot of models to look over, with programmed or hand-wound development. Don’t be frightened off by the wristbands that a few group have put on them, a touch of earth on the dial or scratched gem. These things are not difficult to address. Ensure the crown is unique, that there are no large imprints for the situation and no rust on all fours/p>

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