The Eterna KonTiki Diver – A Serious New Entrant In The Dive Watch Category

The Eterna KonTiki Diver – A Serious New Entrant In The Dive Watch Category

As a development to our new article on the restricted version Eterna KonTiki Bronze Manufacturer , we’re back with a glance at the steel sequential creation models, the new Eterna KonTiki Diver. While it introduces some expense saving points of interest versus the bronze model, there’s a great deal of significant worth for the cash in this watch.

Once once more, 2017 imprints the 70th commemoration of Thor Heyerdahl’s incredible journey from Peru to Polynesia and the current year’s arrival of the Eterna KonTiki Diver is intended to inspire a portion of the signals utilized on the jumper models that Eterna delivered after the journey in the 50’s and 60’s. Those run of the mill Eterna three-sided files and an exemplary jumper’s case with unidirectional bezel are positively natural to gatherers of the brand.

In a change from the Bronze model, the impeccable Eterna KonTiki Diver pieces are offered in four distinctive dial tones – dark, white, and blue – and either a lash or arm band contingent upon the dial picked. The dark can be requested on arm band or elastic lash with deployant, while the white just comes on wristband and the blue just on tie. A touch odd maybe, however I surmise the showcasing people feel that blue merits a sportier look. A 44mm case is utilized with 22mm drags alongside an incredible looking matte-earthenware bezel with US Navy “no decompression” scale. The case back is strong, fortunately, and we get a cool engraving of the first KonTiki “raft”.

Water obstruction for the Eterna KonTiki Diver is 200M and in a takeoff from the restricted model, Eterna decided to utilize the workhorse Selitta SW200 programmed. It’s a gesture to holding the cost down, yet it’s absolutely fascinating that Eterna’s own developments are considered as excessively costly. Another distinction in the steel release is that it contains a date window at 4:15. To the extent date windows go, it’s quite unnoticeable albeit white with dark numbers is utilized regardless of the dial tone. While I needn’t bother with a date, obviously the overall watch purchasing public needs one. Crown-wise, we get an enormous screw down highlighting the 5 metal ball logo that represents Eterna’s commitment to programmed development history and assisting with making the rotor grinding free.

Dial-wise, the Eterna KonTiki Diver has a cool “snap paint” kind of finish that looks extraordinary relying upon the point of view. It’s made considerably more intriguing with the huge applied bolt formed files that are loaded up with lume. Hands are blades and what you’re left with is a striking and profoundly neat dial. To the extent enormous, straightforward jumpers, I think this positions as one of the better faces – it’s that basic and clear. The white dial, which is combined with a dark ceramic bezel that seems as though steel (think Omega Gray side of the Moon and you’re not far-removed the imprint), is particularly unique on the grounds that the whole dial shines a greenish tone while the “dark/dim” Superluminova sparkles in an unexpected way. It’s very an element that isolates itself from the other models.

I was likewise profoundly dazzled with the appendages to the Eterna KonTiki Diver regardless of what is picked. The arm band was smooth, had the correct weight – not very hefty as many decide to discharge a misguided feeling of value, however not very light – and the enormous clasp with wetsuit augmentation was ideal to work. The completing was noteworthy in spite of the utilization of cleaned focus joins. The elastic tie is delicate and utilizes the equivalent deployant as seen on the bracelet.

I haven’t found time for the most amazing aspect of the Eterna KonTiki Diver and that is the cost. At 1850 Euros on elastic and 1950 on arm band, this watch is a take. It accommodates my tiny wrist, has some genuine presence and I was truly intrigued by the completion quality. Also, it’s an image with history and it strikes me as a really incredible ordinary wearer that, particularly on wristband, could fill in as a only watch that fits both work and play. I adored the completion on the blue dial and the white dial’s bezel looked befitting of a considerably more costly watch. The dark variant is exemplary and will unquestionably get the volume; it bodes well that this is offered in both elastic and steel.

The congenial jump watch class is unquestionably a jam-packed one with pleasant pieces out there from Longines to Sinn to numerous others. The Eterna KonTiki Diver joins the positions as a truly pleasant choice and its one that combines the brand’s legacy contacts with present day tech (the fired bezel) into a truly decent bundle. The four of us who went to the gathering with Eterna were all similarly dazzled. We frequently consider Eterna to some degree an erratic, non-standard decision, however with this item, I’d figure that the brand has a genuine shot of becoming an enormous volume player. Anticipate conveyance in the September, 2017 timeframe.

Eterna’s site isn’t yet showing the Eterna KonTiki Diver, yet head for more data on the brand.

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