The New Stainless Steel Rolex Sky-Dweller Reference 326934 Impressed Me

The New Stainless Steel Rolex Sky-Dweller Reference 326934 Impressed Me

This year, I was glad to see a treated steel Rolex Sky-Dweller during our arrangement at BaselWorld. Presented in 2012 as of now, yet consistently in valuable metals. Today’s steel Rolex Sea-Dweller is part of the way valuable metal, as the fluted bezel is made of white gold. Let’s have a look.

Steel Rolex Sky-Dweller reference 326934

Although some say the new 43mm Rolex Sea-Dweller with red composing is the large information from Rolex this year, I think it was really their Sky-Dweller in hardened steel that dazzled me. A steel Rolex Sky-Dweller, with a 42mm case and a brilliant complication: the yearly schedule. You will just have to address the date on March first, and any remaining months are all set. A cunning component (utilizing the bezel), will permit you to effectively set the neighborhood time, reference time and the date (and month).

As you can see on the picture over, the hour markers are additionally the month pointer of the watch. So on the steel Rolex Sky-Dweller above, it is August (month 8). You can pivot the bezel to set the watch. The bezel can be set in 3 positions. Position 3 (turning it counter clock astute beyond what many would consider possible), will set the reference time. Position II, which is around 9:30, is utilized to set the neighborhood time. Position I (10.30) of the bezel is utilized to set the date. In every one of these positions you will likewise need to unscrew and work the crown, of course.

For the Sky-Dweller, Rolex utilizes their type 9001 development. It has all the ordinary Rolex advancements, as the Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex safeguards. Yet, you can likewise say that it is one of only a handful few Rolex developments with complications (on the off chance that you don’t consider the date work a complication). Other than the chronograph developments for the Daytona and Yacht-Master II, the yearly schedule is very something. It likewise can show an additional time region (utilizing the helter-skelter 24-hour disc).

It is the very usefulness and development that you’ll find in the gold models of the Rolex Sky-Dweller obviously. Nonetheless, the hardened steel Rolex Sky-Dweller comes with a touch of ‘stealth’ frankly. Where the Sky-Dweller in valuable metals was a watch that couldn’t be missed or confused with something different, from the outset the treated steel Sky-Dweller looks very like the 41mm Datejust models. A more critical look will cause you to find it is an alternate watch because of the off kilter 24-hour circle on the dial.

Although this watch isn’t new, nor is the usefulness of the alleged Ring Command bezel, it was the Rolex watch that intrigued me most. The new Datejust 41 , Sea-Dweller with red writing and Daytona with elastic ties are on the whole decent, yet this Sky-Dweller ticks a great deal of boxes for me. It isn’t one of the games models that you will fundamentally see all over the place, rather it has a place into the class of the Datejusts and Day-Dates, however with additional usefulness. The 42mm case is fairly huge, however it suits the watch. I’ve gave it a shot during the gathering (see our Instagram record) and it was entirely comfortable. The best thing notwithstanding, is that it isn’t in valuable metal (less the Ring Command Bezel in 18kt white gold) like the other Sky-Dweller references. The utilization of steel transforms the Rolex Sky-Dweller 326934 into an incredible every day wearer. It is additionally a decent partner in crime because of the second timezone complication. A little in-house competition for the GMT-Master II.

The steel Rolex Sky-Dweller will be accessible with a white, blue and dark dial. There’s additionally a rendition in gold/steel with champagne dial. The treated steel Rolex Sky-Dweller I am discussing here however, has a retail cost of 13.050 Euro. The yellow gold/steel model has a retail cost of 15.600 Euro. That is more amicable than the 44.000 Euro for the model in Everose gold as it was presented a couple of years ago.

As I composed a week ago, the new Datejust 41 with white gold bezel is 8.500 Euro. The steel Rolex Sky-Dweller with its Annual Calendar and second time region complications for 13.050 Euro is not that far away from the cost of a Datejust 41 given the way that the development is regularly perhaps the most costly parts of a watch.

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