The Omega Centenary From A Collector’s Perspective

Everyone who knows somewhat about Omega watches knows about the Constellation assortment. Today, maybe, it is related with the plan attributes of four “gold claws” and bi-hued arm bands, yet it was Omega’s flaghsip assortment during the 1950’s and 1960’s. I’ve really have said it previously, however the Constellation is the watch that began my advantage in watches quite a while past. In my family there several these vintage Constellations and I acquired one from my granddad, who got it in 1969 and wore it for the following 42 years: each and every day.

The Omega Constellations, particularly the vintage models, have become very collectible, regardless of their little size. It is an ideal watch to begin a (vintage) assortment as you can get them underneath $1000 USD in great condition. The strong gold models are somewhat more pursued and, consequently, more costly. Besides, the best of the best Constellations are those Grand Luxe models with Reinhor block arm band. We did a top to bottom article on the vintage Omega Constellation some time prior; make a point to give it a read.

Omega Centenary 1848 – 1948

This article investigates the archetypes of the Constellation, the less recognizable Centenary models. The Centenary was presented in 1948, to commemorate the 100th commemoration of Omega’s foundation. Prominently, the Omega Centenary was the company’s first chronometer guaranteed programmed wristwatch.

The man responsible for planning the Omega Centenary and Omega Seamaster, both in 1948, was René Bannwart. He was head of the “creation” office at Omega in Biel through 1955. After this, at age 40, he concluded the time had come to make the following stride and began his own image, Corum.

Omega Centenary ref. 2500, type 30.10mm

The unique Centenary was created in restricted amounts (6000 altogether, 2000 utilizing the type 28.10mm development and 4000 utilizing the type 30.10mm). Notwithstanding, as per Omega, the Centenary was fruitful to such an extent that they began building up a replacement that would be created in enormous amounts and become an assortment all alone. Bannwart was likewise in control when planning the progressive line, the Omega Constellation assortment, that was acquainted with the market in 1952. The Constellations were presented as another line-up of watches with chronometer developments to be delivered in series.

Basically there were two variants of the Centenary, the reference 2500 (approx 35.5mm measurement) and the reference 2499 (approx. 33mm width). The reference 2499 model was, after its underlying creation of 2000 pieces, delivered again later in higher numbers (5000 pieces) with a somewhat redesigned movement.

Unknown is unloved?

While the Constellation and Seamaster assortments have a gigantic after among watch authorities and lovers, there exists little data on the Omega Centenary watches. A couple of proprietors shared pictures of their Omega Centenary on different discussions ( ), and regardless of getting a great deal of “Oooohs” and “Aaaahs” the gathering community remains generally quiet on these watches.

Omega Centenary ref.2500

Omega chose to a few re-releases of the Centenary as legacy pieces inside the ‘Museum Collection’ of watches in 2004. After a year, they presented a re-release of the Omega Centenary and called it Museum Collection #5 as a component of this greater assortment to praise the Omega Museum’s twentieth commemoration. This time, however, it was fitted with a Co-Axial (type 2202) chronometer confirmed development in a rose gold 36mm case. Just 1948 pieces were delivered, however you can discover them available without any problem. They bring somewhere in the range of €4500 and €5000 Euro. That’s even more than the first 1948 – 1952 Omega Centenary models cost on the used/vintage market. I several firsts available to be purchased a year ago on Chrono24 somewhere in the range of €2300 and €2800 Euro.

As this doesn’t vary that much from strong gold Constellations of a couple of years after the fact, my supposition is that the Omega Centenary watches are simply obscure pieces to numerous individuals out there: and obscure is unloved.

Why should you chase for an Omega Centenary?

First of all, the Omega Centenary is a delightfully planned watch. It has those average Omega lyre drags and come in strong gold as it were. The gold dials are in two-tone and have delightfully picked precious stone molded hour markers aside from the Arabic ’12’ and ‘6’. A little sub-dial is situated at 6 o’clock for the seconds. The gold applied Omega logo and ‘Omega Automatic Chronometre’ are gladly appeared on the dial and there’s no notice of the model name ‘Centenary’. How unique are these from today’s dress watches, that appear to have an excessive lot of text on the dial? Much the same as the later Constellation models, the Centenary additionally has Dauphin hour and moment hands. A little level Omega marked crown completes the exquisite planned Centenary.

Omega Centenary, type 30.10mm RA JUB

Turn the watch around, and you are taking a gander at a strong gold caseback engraved with “Omega Centenary”. Eliminate the snap-on caseback and you have a stunning perspective on the excellent copped shaded, in-house, created and delivered Omega chronometer development. The guard rotor moves brief distances before it hits the spring that will ricochet it back. These guard developments were likewise utilized in those first programmed Seamaster and Constellation watches. The 30.10mm type (which was the reason for the later 331 type) was additionally utilized in an Omega Tresor. Indeed, this is the very model name that Omega restored a year ago. Both type 28.10mm (which was the reason for the later type 341) and 30.10mm were utilized in extravagance renditions (‘RA JUB’) for the chronometer ensured Centenary models. Just later, another clump of 5000 Centenary reference 2499 watches was created, utilizing type 343. Type 343 depended on the first 28.10mm type, however with an alternate completion and another sort of controller. An extremely definite portrayal of the developments utilized in the Centenary models can be found .

Omega Constellation ref. 2853, type 505

The Omega Centenary was delivered in a restricted amount, far less than the all out number of later Constellation models. Valid, the Constellation offers more decision and their 50x, 55x and 56x developments are viewed as the absolute best that Omega at any point made preceding the current in-house developments. In any case, a gold Omega Centenary is an incredible offer as it very well may be found for less cash than comparative time strong gold Constellation models. Simply try to avoid over-cleaned Centenary cases and poor redials that are regularly for sale.

If you can source an Omega Centenary with the first authentic silver box and administrative work, hope to pay more than the past given gauges in this article. A few photographs of the full set can be seen underneath, from Douglas Gravina on .

Omega Centenary, complete bundle, picture from D. Gravina

Omega Centenary, complete bundle, picture from D. Gravina

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More Omega Centenary pictures below

Omega Constellation ref. 2853, type 505 Omega Centenary ref.2500 Omega Constellation, ref. 2652SC Omega Centenary, type 30.10mm RA JUB

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