The Pierre Arpels Watch: Luxury Has A Name

The Pierre Arpels Watch: Luxury Has A Name

What we’re having today at the Fratello Head Quarters, is a genuine mens dress watch. A kind of watch that isn’t regularly talked about here, however since this watch  is a particularly great representation of what a dress watch ought to be, a special case has been made.Nowadays any watch, that is not a 47mm jumper, is frequently called a dress watch. Indeed, even notable watch online journals, dare to call a Rolex Datejust or Panerai Radiomir a dress watch and keeping in mind that numerous folks wear those watches with bound shirts and to wedding parties, numerous events require an alternate and more attentive sort of watch, or no watch at all.

Van Cleef & Arpels, notable for their elite assortment of adornments and women watches, additionally has an incredible glancing mens watch in their assortment and not since the last Geneva watch show (SIHH), no the watch we will talk about now, is really in the assortment for over 65 years and it is known as the ‘Pierre Arpels’ watch.

Vendôme lugs

It is the drags of the Pierre Arpels model that separates this watch from others and what makes this watch look so changed and rich. The lash is simply associated with a bar that is joined to the situation in the center. A significant novel development! This method of joining the lash to the case, was anyway planned and licensed by Louis Cartier in 1934. Cartier didn’t utilize the portrayals and it even took until 1973, when the brand presented the plan, as a level round watch, that was known as the ‘Louis Cartier Vendome’.

Pierre Arpels

The patent was uniquely for a very long time and terminated in 1949, for Pierre Arpels, who was 30 years of age around then, the occasion, to snatch the likelihood to utilize this uncommon lash development for a watch that he made in any case for himself and later made accessible for a portion of his companions. Two or three years it was additionally delivered to the overall population as ‘The Pierre Arpels Watch‘. Over the course of the years there have been different models, with quartz and with mechanical developments, all housed in for todays standard, little cases like 32mm and 34mm in measurement. The form that we have for this article is a mechanical ‘Pierre Arpels‘ watch, from 2000, in white gold with a case size of 36mm.

Pictured here with the ‘Studs & Bars’ sleeve buttons from a similar period, a model that Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels both used to have in their assortment. While the plan of the studs was unique, the bars that both brands offered in gem, coral, steel, gold, onyx, carnelian and other semi valuable gemstones, were even exchangeable.

The thin instance of the Pierre Arpels watch

That may sound little, however on my 19cm wrist, it gives a lot bigger impression. This is one of those watches that wears bigger than it is. The type utilized, is a hand wound 049 development, by Jaeger-LeCoultre, undetectable behind the shut back of the round case and the 18K crown is a work of art and practically straight forward design.

On the wrist

Since all that should be greater nowadays, Van Cleef & Arpels likewise proceeded onward and resigned this gorgeous 36mm variant. In 2012, the Pierre Arpels I have on my wrist, was supplanted by two staggering new plans, in 38 and in 42mm, made in platinum and in white-or pink gold.

The platinum adaptation has a dark dial and a dark gator tie and is likewise accessible with jewels, the gold forms actually have a white lacquered dial, however the focal point of the new models, presently have a honeycomb kinda pattern.

Dial detail

According to Van Cleef & Arpels, the example is motivated by a dark tie, shirt front. Additionally not quite the same as the past model are the applied numerals in gold and dark hour markers and the jewel of  1 stone, 0.04 carat that is set in the crown, to make the watch much more valuable. It isn’t too clear and elegantly done. That isn’t all, for the gold models, there is something else entirely to pick from.

Pierre Arpels Watch on wristband in white gold

Both adaptations, the 38 and 42mm are additionally accessible with a graceful, rich and smooth glancing network wristband in white-or pink gold. The outside of the arm band gives the impression of the skin of a snake and the example coordinates the middle piece of the dial. While I typically would not pick a watch with arm band as a dress watch, I consider the to be network wristband as an exemption. The arm band is so in vogue and exquisite and makes an ideal match, with the additional customary plan of the ‘Pierre Arpels‘ watch that is presently fueled with the Piaget 830 P mechanical movement.

The First Sketch of the Pierre Arpels watch

The new Pierre Arpels watch is important for the Van Cleef & Arpels  watchmaking legacy and the lines of this legend, be it the 38 or 42mm adaptation,  have not lost a piece, from the absolute first unique portrayals made in early 1949. To me this is one of the not very many watches that actually checks all cases, to meet all requirements for a definitive dress watch.

Place Vendôme

Luxury has a name and Van Cleef & Arpels will absolutely keep it that way, so don’t hope to discover a ‘Pierre Arpels‘ watch at air terminals or at one of your nearby watch shops. Van Cleef & Arpels watches are sold at their Flagship Store at Place Vendôme in Paris and obviously around the world, in their own Boutiques.

More data on Van Cleef & Arpels can be found .

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