Top 10 Best Read Articles Of 2016

Top 10 Best Read Articles Of 2016

Happy New Year everybody! In our you can peruse more about our view on the present status of the watch business, intriguing watches that were presented and a few words on how we performed a year ago. Since 2016 has finished, we take a short second to glance back at the best 10 best read articles of last year.

Top 10 best read articles

We have some evergreens that we stay up with the latest (like our Speedmaster Buyer’s Guide and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak versus Patek Philippe Nautilus articles), yet in this article we will show you the Top 10 best read articles that were written in 2016.

1. Seiko at BaselWorld – The Highlights

We realize you love Seiko, we do as well, so Michael did a review on the features of the new presented Seiko models during the BaselWorld show. Not just their Seiko Presage chronograph with lacquer dial and in-house chronograph development (restricted version) was an incredibly well known watch, yet additionally their value agreeable Seiko PADI releases like the “Turtle” and Kinetic models were stunning. Indeed, the whole Fratello Watches group requested one of these PADI watches. Incredibly very much constructed and loads of amusing to wear. The new Grand Seiko Black Ceramic Chronograph was additionally lovely amazing yet shockingly these don’t hit the European stores (any time soon), other than some ‘imported’ pieces. A pity, we desire to see more Grand Seiko in Europe (the US appears to have something reasonable in the in the interim) in the close future.

2. Oris Divers Sixty-Five 42mm

Bulls-eye for Oris with their Divers Sixty-Five models. Presented in 2015 and the plan was really touched off by the Dutch Oris delegate (which makes us considerably more pleased). As a vintage watch gatherer, he had doing a re-release of the 1960s Oris jumper watch. Oris concocted an excellent 40mm plan in 2015 and a year ago, they presented a somewhat greater adaptation in 42mm. In the then, we’ve likewise seen green dial and silver dial models just as a model in bronze . Wonderful. Oris, with its amicable value point, saves it a good time for authorities. The watch is additionally accessible with a bolt wristband. In this article we really compared the first 1960s Oris Diver with the re-versions .

3. Involved Seiko MM300 SBDX017 Review

Our 2015 audit of its predecessor , the SBDX001, is really a standout amongst other read articles, all things considered. In any case, the audit of the SBDX017 has a place with the Top 10 best read articles in 2016 too. An astounding watch that few of our colleagues own and wear secretly too, both the SBDX001 and later SBDX017. The SBDX017 has been overhauled as far as better lume and the case and wristband have been treated with Seiko’s DiaShield innovation. A covering that gives better insurance to scratches. The 8L35 development has been refreshed well, presently utilizing MEMS innovation. MEMS innovation alludes to more tight resiliences that ought to take into consideration better timekeeping and less wear over the long run. An approx. €2000 Euro watch that is difficult to beat by some other piece in this cost range.

4. New Rolex Daytona 116500LN – What Changed?

The all the rage in 2016, the new Rolex Daytona 116500LN. You know those forecasts on certain sites, where they show photoshopped Rolex models they wish to come out. Some came exceptionally close, however eventually, Rolex resembles Chuck Norris. They choose what’s best. For this situation, a dark fired bezel and dark rings around the sub dials. In this article I expounded on the progressions during that time with respect to the Daytona and particularly focussing on the 116500LN compared to the 116520. The promotion around the Daytona was disappearing somewhat in the course of the most recent couple of years, you could without much of a stretch get one at a seller. No more. There’s a hanging tight rundown for this excellence and on the off chance that you need one presently, hope to contribute 5K extra at a dim market vendor close to you. It makes me wonder here and there, why official retailers push this piece to the dim market, as they don’t need to. To be ruthlessly genuine with you, I truly might want to possess one sooner or later despite the fact that I am not a Daytona guy.

5. The new Rolex Explorer reference 214270 – Our Thoughts

Rolex fixed what wasn’t right. The past 39mm Explorer had hands that were essentially altogether too short. With this new 39mm reference 214270, they changed the hands to good fitting ones and applied with their Chroma-light iridescent material. Inside, their in-house caliber 3132 performs inside – 2/+2 seconds every day all things considered, well inside the COSC details and ensured for a very long time. This may be the most amazing watch available anywhere under 6000 Euro. It has a long legacy, going right back to the mid 1950s. The reference 1016 was underway for quite a while and is perhaps the most sought-after Explorer references. Michael composed an article on that particular reference , as I would like to think one of the coolest and most flawless vintage Rolex looks out there.

6. Involved audit of the Seiko SRP777 and comparison with the first 6309

Another Seiko in this Top 10 best read articles outline of 2016. Despite the fact that the new Seiko Prospex “Turtle” assortment was already presented in 2015 , they didn’t hit the business sectors until 2016. We even had the delight of giving one away to one of our perusers. With a rundown cost of just shy of €400 this truly is an easy decision if you’re searching for a mechanical jumpers watch under 500 Euro . The comparison with the 6309 showed the undeniable contrasts, however it is up to you on the off chance that you rather have the ‘original’ or the current variant. On the off chance that you need to really utilize it for jumping, the new model may be an insightful decision. The first 6309s can be found for around 300 Euro in great condition. Simply ensure it doesn’t have a substitution dial and hands and that the crown tube is still OK.

7. Involved Oris Caliber 111 Review – An Oris Artelier Timepiece With In-House Movement

Not just the jumpers (Divers Sixty-Five and Aquis) from Oris stood out enough to be noticed here, we likewise played out an involved audit of the Oris Caliber 111 watch. An Oris with an in-house development. Oris used to make their own developments until the mid 1980s. At that point, as a feature of a purchase out arrangement with the ASUAG (presently Swatch Group, who procured Oris in the mid 1970s), Oris was obliged to utilize ETA developments. It was an intriguing second for Oris to hear – years and years after the fact – that they couldn’t utilize ETA developments any longer, yet needed to look for options (like Sellita). Oris concocted an in-house development again in 2014, called type 110. The type 111 development, as utilized in this model, was presented in 2015. This Oris Caliber 111 watch is in value range outside (5100 Euro) the standard one, yet we’ve been informed that there’s very some interest for them nevertheless.

8. Rapid Tuesday – Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Chronograph Master Chronometer

On one of the principal Tuesdays of January a year ago, Omega introduced another scope of Speedmaster watches. The Speedmaster Moonphase Chronograph Chronometer ( overview of the models can be found here ). A watch that utilizes the new Omega in-house type 9904 development, essentially a 9300 development with moon stages complication. Expert Chronometer alludes to the METAS confirmation, that we clarified in detail in this article . One of the cool highlights is the photograph sensible moon stage marker, showing the real impression of Neil Armstrong. Our photographic artist Bert Buijsrogge accomplished to catch the picture of the moon stage circle showing such a lot of detail, that Omega chose to utilize it on their own Instagram account.

9. Hands-on – Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time 5164R

The Aquanaut is one of Patek most youthful assortments, as it was presented in 1997. It was focused on a more youthful customers of Patek Philippe and somewhat like the Nautilus assortment. The Travel Time model was introduced in 2011 and has been extremely mainstream from that point onward. A year ago, Patek concluded it was the ideal opportunity for a rose gold adaptation with excellent earthy colored dial (and elastic tie). A games watch in gold consistently remains point for conversation, however I am of the assessment that it truly functions admirably for certain watches. The Aquanaut Travel Time is certainly one of them. Inside, Patek Philippe utilizes the type 324 S C FUS development, in view of the type 324 S C. It is a wonderful looking development and can be appreciated through the sapphire caseback. The development likewise bears the Patek Philippe Seal.

10. Speedy Tuesday – Hands-On With The Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Reference 311.

Our week by week repeating thing ‘Speedy Tuesday’ is something we do since 2012, so this year we commend our fifth commemoration. Our Speedy Tuesday articles are very much perused by and large, however this specific one on the CK2998 got an extraordinary measure of interest. A year ago, Omega not just presented the new moon stage model (see above), yet additionally this restricted version “CK2998”, propelled by the second era of Speedmaster watches, reference CK2998. This was the main Omega in space, on the wrist of space explorer Wally Schirra.

With this article on the Speedmaster CK2998 limited version (sold out now), we end our Top 10 best read articles overview.

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